Awaken Your Sacred Self

Edmonton, AB

Enlightenment for the Spiritually Gifted Youth

  • October 16th 2-4 PM
  • Spirit Path Studio
  • 10715 - 124 street NW, Suite #102, Edmonton

$10 Youth, $5 Adult

Enlightened Youth Workshop

Do you have child, preteen or teen that is spiritually gifted? Want to assist them in their spiritual growth and development and not sure how?

Intuitive and spiritual giftedness is whole new kind of intelligence that lets children understand and process things differently—and it’s a common phenomenon in these newest generations of kids.

For parents, it can seem confusing. But once you understand what to look for, intuitive and spiritual gifts aren’t hard to spot. While these abilities may “cluster” differently in individual children, here are some traits to watch for:

Is your child highly sensitive or gifted? Is he/she imaginative, creative or a “right brain” thinker? Does your child get the “vibe” of people and situations, even total strangers? Profound empathy and exceptional emotional depth? May feel misunderstood by the world around them? Intuitive insight; ability to see the truth of situations? Is he/she affected by crowds, or noisy places? Does he/she sometimes say she’s been to a place before, even though you know he/she hasn’t? Does he/she have an imaginary playmate, or say he hears voices? Does he/she have a deep knowledge of her ancestors, and you’re not sure how? Does your child say he/she sees ghosts? Does he/she experience noises, flashes of light or other unexplainable occurrences? Is your child deeply attracted to animals, or has a “way” with them? A strong connection to the natural world? Does he/she feel an urge to put her hands on things to help or heal them? Can your child see auras? Does your child have especially vivid dreams? Does your child understand the teachings of Jesus, Buddha and other Holy Ones, and you aren’t sure where she got the information?

If you answered yes to even a few of these questions, it’s likely your child has emerging psychic or spiritual gifts. If you’re the parent of a child who’s showing abilities like these, you’ll want more information. This applies to your child. And also to you.

Enlightenment for the Spiritually Gifted Youth offers a safe space for your children to become an explorer. We will have age ranges of activies to enlighten and gain awarness for this highly advance generation. We have planned a fun filled afternoon of activities fun for children and adults alike. Connecting with other children that are also spiritual gifted is so valuable to these young lives. All ages are welcomed, parents must be present and are encouraged to participate. We will have mindful breaks and will follow the lead of the children. Making this a fun and a memorable experience. We are including a parental support group and will contact all attendees with more information.  

This program cost is $10 per child and $5 per adult.

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