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New Year New You Transformational Breakthrough


Introductory New Year New You Breakthrough Special 

Mind. Body. Spirit. Soul Package 


The BEST time for beginnings is NOW, as the NEW YEAR is a symbol of unlimited possibility!


As we’ve stepped into 2018, ask yourself what do you love most about your life right now? What are you feeling most challenged with? Do you feel you’re at the top of your game or are you wanting to to step into a NEW YOU to feel and look good, from tip to toe, inside and out? Come into a new space and experience a taste of healing, self-rediscovery and awakening. In this 10 session experience we will take a holistic approach of total wellbeing, integrating body, mind and the spiritual aspects of ourselves supporting ways in which we can feel more balanced, whole, happy and inspired.


To truly achieve all the things you want to be, have and do in our lives you want to be the best version of yourself in all aspects of your life.


Each New Year New You Breakthrough package consists of:

4 Trilotherapy Sessions

4 Reiki Healing Sessions

2 Choose Your Experience Sessions

· Holistic Nutrition (Health & Wellness)

· Express Beauty Session

· Make – Up Look

· Bath & Body Pamper Experience


What is Zen Trilotherapy?

Zen Trilotherapy was developed by Zen Buddhist Master Nissim Amon which combines Western Gestalt-type therapy with Zen Buddhist philosophy for a new wave method of letting go of pain and suffering to arrive in a sacred space of inner peace, fulfillment and happiness. These teachings and philosophies are the wisdom to our truth that as a society we have suffered tremendously from the conditioning of our ancestors, programmed from our childhoods that if not awake and conscious co-create our way of life.Trilotherapy gives you the tools to dismantle and break free from self-limiting concepts and beliefs so that you can live in a continuous space of unconditional love, fulfilment and personal empowerment and align to your true Divine purpose. In our sessions we’ll explore together this transformational work through a series of lessons that will help you look at your Mind and Heart and come to a place of profound self awareness and clarity about who you truly are and WHY you behave the way they do. Trilotherapy begins to open the doors for a new awakening of fresh possibilities of perspective from challenging conditions to step into a true place of love, joy, inner peace, freedom and empowerment. Reawaken who you truly are and learn powerful tools to help heal yourself and transform your life.

Trilotherpay assists with :



 Depression

 Anger

 Anxiety

 Pain and Suffering from Loss

 Inner Turmoil

 Self-Sabotage

 Procrastination

§ Emotional InstabilitySelf-Love and self-acceptance

§ Letting go/healing from past trauma, abuse

§ Addictions

§ Post traumatic stress disorder

§ Sleep problems

§ Relationship patterns/ Trust issues/ Sexuality

§ Couples counselling (Marriage/Divorce)

§ Parenting struggles

§ Corporate guidance

§ Business coaching

§ Career guidance

§ Irritable Bowel Syndrome

§ Multiple sclerosis

§ Fibromyalgia


Trilotherapy can help anyone wishing to alleviate suffering, gain clarity about their lives and awaken to the possibilities, purpose, passion that is available. It is guaranteed to deepen all your relationships, particularly the one with yourself. You will learn to be present, to meditate, to heal relationships, and to open your heart to giving and receiving love beyond what you every dreamed possible.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a life-force energy that flows through all living things. Reiki healing is focused on restoring balance to the complete individual, the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a being. The physical body communicates with us, it will notify us as to what needs to be healed, for when we will feel sick or discomfort in certain parts of our body. Reiki can identify areas of stress, anxiety, loss, pain, anger and trauma that are trapped in the body that block us of our pathways causing instability which restricts energetic flow. Holding onto these negative emotions will prevent energy and the chakras from flowing into balance. When these areas are identified and released by Reiki, then the chakras will begin to flow again resulting in effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, a healthy mental mindset, and overall physical well-being.

Reiki assists with:

*Reiki reduces pain and tension in the body.

*Reiki speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness.

*Reiki balances the mind and emotions and a treatment allows emotional blockages to rise to the surface, where they can be acknowledged and cleared.

*Reiki’s ability to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation promotes sleep.

*Reiki enhances the body’s natural healing abilities.

*Reiki helps bring about inner peace, harmony and be utilized as a valuable tool in the quest for spiritual growth and development.


Each Reiki Healing Session Is Infused w/

Crystal Healing – Crystals assist to absorb negative energies and release blockages in the body to help balance the aura.

Sound Healing – Crystal Singing Bowls send healing sound frequencies to help calm the mind and relax the body.

Aromatherapy – Pure essential oils help enhance the depth and effectiveness of the Reiki healing session.


PLUS 2 Complimentary…

***Choose Your Experience BONUS Sessions***

(Choose 2 of the 4 experiences below to include in your ‘New Year New You, Breakthrough’ package)

· VIP Facial Express Beauty Session

Rejuvenate and revitalize your skin by immersing yourself in paralleled, results driven vegan skincare. Enjoy the fun and educational self-pamper experience as you indulge in supreme Swiss skincare collection.

Served with light & mild botanical tea.


· Make-Up Look Experience

Delight in a nice n natural day or a sweet n sultry evening look that is fresh, flawless, and perfectly stunning using high definition, botanically based, light vegan make-up!

Served with light & mild botanical tea.


· Bath, Body & Essential Oils Experience

This self-care hand and foot detox soak ritual helps to focus on the body’s flow of energy and detoxify by cleansing the skin’s surface. Emerge with the integration of botanical extracts, essential oils and minerals sourced from around the world.

Served with light & mild botanical tea.


· Happy Healthy Living Power Hour

Healthy Living is about making the right choices. It’s about finding a sustainable lifestyle, not making radical changes that are unrealistic for you, your family, your schedule or your interests. Having more energy and vitality, feeling more engaged in life, and being happier can start with making a few small changes in your daily habits and engage in self-education on how to incorporate a simple system based on your health and wellness goals. Our educational power hour of focus will entail :

· Gut Health

· Reduce Inflammation

· Release Toxins

· Alkaline Your Body

· Aiding Weightloss

· Clearer Skin, Healthier Hair

· Eat Cleaner And Leaner

· More Clarity, Focus & Energy

· Nutrition Education

Happy Healthy Living Power Hour is served with a holistic nutritional range that is vegan certified, kosher certified, and gluten free.


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New Year New You Breakthrough Special

  • 4 Zen Trilotherapy Sessions
  • 4 Reiki Healing Sessions
  • VIP Facial Express Beauty Session & Make Up Look
  • Bath, Body & Essential Oils Pamper
  • Happy Healthy Living Power Hour

Investment $444 ( Regular $999 over 50% Discount)