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Numerology Readings

History Of Numerology

Pythagoras a philosopher of ancient Europe was born in 590 B.C. and is recognized as the founder, Science Of Numbers. His philosophy and instructions were given according to the law of mathematics and this relationship of numbers to experience this divine law, is the foundation of the modern system called numerology. “The principles governing the numbers were understood to be the principles of real existence; the elements of numbers were the elements of realities.” – Pythagoras 

As recognized through ancient history, our names play a vital part in directing and influencing the destinies of mankind representing character, human nature, experience and divine authority. Numerology identifies the potentialities and the spiritual command hidden and the numbers comprising them. Your name is the autobiography of your life that tells astounding stories revealing amazing experiences of your past, present and future. Numerology uncovers the unlimited possibilities from many tests and life’s hard learned lessons to happiness, success, and the joy of living a rich and abundant life. Through your own individual & unique numerological chart, you access the blueprint of the opportunities you were designed to accomplish, showing you the way to success and the best life has to offer. Beginning with the Destiny written in your name, dare to discover who you are and what you were born to be.


Description Of Numerology Readings

Readings Follow Suit In Order:

1 – Significance Of Numbers, 2 – Planes Of Expression, 3 – Timing The Future

In your first 90 minute session, we will begin to embrace and understand the vigorous explanation and meaning of the numbers in relation to your Numerological chart.  Discover to uncover the Destiny Number within your name, and the field of opportunity in which it carries. As we delve into your Birth Force (Life Path) number to touch on the expression of your character and natural abilities. Your Heart’s Desire will reveal your secret thoughts and wishes. Attain an outside perspective on how others view you which corresponds to an aspect of your Personality and the number that comprises it. Your final attainment which embodies your overall goal and divine purpose, is your Reality Number. This reading promises to deliver and uncover why you were born, your mission in life, your outstanding talents and the deep inner urges of your soul.

Part 2 of our second session will discover the degree of balance between your mental and emotional qualities, and the level of action in living from which you do your best work. The Planes of Expression are your 4 levels of consciousness, your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. Exploring the depths of this expansion will add so much more information about your character that it will literally astonish you.  Furthermore we will reveal your Specialized Traits, Points of Intensification, Hidden Challenge and Undeveloped Talents. 

Part 3 of your conclusion in completing your Numerological chart will explore the avenue of your best personal days, months and years! Review the entire road map of your life journey, revealing your Table Of Events! This blueprint will disclose the experiences you have taken and those which are still ahead. This will enable you you to look back into the past and forward into the future and all the exciting highlights in between. Your Table Of Events will also give you a wider scope of your Essence, Vocations, Talents and is a grand opportunity to look closely your soul’s purpose, to understand more on a deeper level the evolution of your awareness, spiritual growth and evolving consciousness.

Numerology Reading

Significance Of Numbers

  • Destiny Number
  • Birth Force
  • Hearts Desire
  • Personality
  • Reality Number


Planes Of Expression

  • I - Type & Temperment
  • II - Peculiarities Of Temperment & Aptitudes
  • Specialized Traits
  • Points Of Intensification
  • Hidden Challange


Complete Numerological Chart Package
  • Significance Of Numbers
  • Planes Of Expression
  • Timing The Future

Timing The Future

  • The Pinnacles
  • Personal Days, Months & Year(s)
  • Table Of Events
  • Meanings Of The Essence
  • Marriage, Companionship, Changing Names & Naming The Baby


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