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Sacred Awakenings Reiki Students

<span>, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master</span>
"I was so fortunate to have had my first initiation with Reiki at the tender age of 21.  Having come from a loving, secure home with roots in faith, I felt like Reiki fit me so well.  With it, I was able to be my true self, realizing my path and passion as a healer.

I have always enjoyed giving the gift of healing to those in need and to those whom I love.  Over the past 18 years I have practiced mostly on and for myself, but never hesitated to share with others.  Receiving the 3rd degree Master Symbol from Matt and Tai Monique this last April has opened so many new aspects of Me!  It’s brought much joy to be progressing and growing within myself and my practice.  Now, with the opportunity to receive and complete the Master Level, I yearn to show how incredible it is to have Reiki in your life!  It excites me to be equipped with the ability to attune others to this powerful source.  Without this connection to the Universal Life Force energy I feel I wouldn’t be whole."

- Aimee, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master
<span>, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master</span>
"How has Reiki changed my life? I think the list would be shorter for how it hasn’t changed my life, simply put, learning Reiki has changed everything.  Thinking back to about six months ago when I took Reiki Level 1 and how different of a self-healing mindset I was in, I could have never dreamed how much self-healing would take place over the next six months of my life.  I now have new ways and thought patterns to help me heal faster and in a more genuine whole way than I have ever experienced in my life, because of the healing I have experienced through cleansing my chakras daily by practicing Reiki on myself. I know this is truly a bountiful gift from the all providing Universe to help me to heal myself and those around me.  I have always been sensitive to energies and now I am able to understand them.  While now I am even more in tune to energies and feelings I can’t help but be so completely grateful for this gift of enhanced intuition, empathy and spirituality for it has changed my life and is constantly bringing me to my True Divine Authentic Self.  Becoming a Reiki Master to me means I can now finally share this healing gift with my family, friends, animals and the world.  The Universe has always given me subtle and not always so subtle nudges that I am meant to do Reiki, but never did I know how to go about it.  Now here I am becoming a Reiki Master and I am beyond excited to open up my practice named “The Soul Space”.  I know and believe with every ounce of my being this is my purpose and I am forever grateful to The Universe for its unwavering generosity, protection and love along the greatest journey of my lifetime.  I also want to thank Matt and Tai-Monique for their support, guidance and wisdom through this process.  

‘This is only the beginning.’"

- Amanda, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master
<span>, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master</span>
"Reiki has really opened my eyes and heart to new possibilities. I really believe it’s been responsible for me dreaming every night and to help figureout what’s going on subconsciously and how to heal. I also hope that it helps me connect to higher energies as well as people, and I know that only positive things came from this path."
- Jonny, Sacred Awakenings Reiki Master
<span>, Reiki Master</span>
"Before I had the Reiki attunement done I felt I was going to die, and after I had the attunement I felt I was going to live. When I woke up the next morning after my attunement, I woke up laughing. I laughed for the first time in a long time. The Level 1 Reiki attunement took away my body pain. I especially have a bad knee and a slipped disk in my back and I found it more cost effective to take the attunement than to have treatments everyday. The level 1 attunement was like a trickle of energy taking away the pain. Level 2 was like a garden hose and level 3 was like a fire hydrant. I liked the energy of Matt Welke as a Reiki Master and I wanted to match his energy so I decided to then get the attunement for the Masters Level. Now I feel better, there is less pain in my body, the pain goes away much quicker when I work on myself and I want to help other people by attuning them. After the attunements now I am happier, and mentally sharper, more energy physically and way, way less pain."
- Kasandra Caldwell, Reiki Master

Sacred Awakenings Reiki Clients

<span>, Trilotherapist</span>
"Feeling HUGE gratitude and appreciation for Matt for a beautifully loving healing session. I felt surges of energy with the Reiki. Highly recommended."
- Jeri Tourand, Trilotherapist
<span>, Client</span>
"We had this(Reik) done last week, it was such a unique and wonderful experience! We’ll be back for sure. The Divine masculine & feminine energies at the same time can only be described with two words – Mind Blowing."
- Kelly Moore, Client
<span>, Friend</span>
"I met Matt in Mount Shasta in September of 2014. He offered to do reiki on me and he said he felt “guided to open my 3rd eye” in which he did so very intensely for at least 15 minutes during the process I was able to see his energy field and those of others in the room with my eyes closed. I started to notice that I was seeing colors around people. It was a very awesome experience. Since that time I have been able to see more and do more things that others cannot. I have seen pain in peoples bodies, I have seen chakras, seen beings of all kinds, even entities in the body. It was like getting your own superpowers activated and would recommend everyone have Matt do this for them."
- Brian Robby, Friend
<span>, Client</span>
"My experience was wonderful, I felt energetically balanced afterwards and full off light and love! Matt & Tai-Monique are excellent Reiki masters thank- you for the energetic healing guys!"
- Argy, Client