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The Healing Powers Of Singing Bowls

tibetan singing bows

The Healing Powers Of Singing Bowls

The more you relax, the more healing you have inside of you.

Its a rather simple idea, but the truth is that alternative forms have healing have been practiced by cultures for 1000’s of years. Singing bowls are just one such instrument that can transform your mind and body and bring healing energies into your body.

Everyone has a vibration, and that vibration is a reflection of your state of being. Like a instrument falling out of tune, so can your own vibration fall out of tune. This out of tune vibration, or distortion shows up in your energy field like a

Our vibrations can be re-tuned by sound and one of the best ways to do this is with singing bowls. The sound frequencies that emanate from singing bowls has a powerful effect on our energy fields and chakras. Pure tones and frequencies can pass through your aura and help to release blockages that are causing pain, anger, frustration and other negative emotional patterns that result from a energy blockage.

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